Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm home, haveing graduated, come home and done a lot of things, the only picture I have from home right now is....
Mom and I went to this little place on southfield, and got pedicures! I picked the colors, so her's got to be this amazingly electric blue color, and mine are blue, just very-very-very-very dark blue. It's glittery like a car paint actually. It's sweet!

I've also eaten at Star of India, my first night here, because I'd been trying to get fam to go there since like, ohhh....last summer! That was cool, and very good food. Bonfires and fireworks was one day, and we bonfired last night as well. Got some cool stuff for my dorm room at the mall. Got to see one of my sisters, my first and closest, Kat. She's here for a few days, and at some point today, we are going to Alganac to swim and BBQ and firework with her and her family.

I'm done with RAP, being as I got a week off becasue of bringing Justin in, plus he and I split credit for Travis. (and I have a whole line of open leeads and called all the senoirs from Groves!)

As for the boys:

AB Patton, Justin L.: Currently at Shepperd AFB in Texas, Training to be a loader for the A-10 Warthog. Loving his job, but missing his people, he and I are still togather, and toughing this out best we can. Look to see him home maybe in aug, If he comes back on leave, if not....Look to see both of us home in FEB for CON!!!

AB Passerilli, Travis: Currently at Keesler AFB in Missouri, he is training to be a satellite wideband communications person. He has an ungodly long tech school, being as he has a second one in Gorgia somewhere, after he's done at Keesler. Don't know yet when he'll be home.

Taht's about all that's up right now, other then my kitten, is now a full sized cat...and cute and bossy as ever...I love him!

That's all for now folks,
Catch you on the flipside!

A1C Thomas, Avivah S.


Anonymous said...


Another day of toes.

Anonymous said...

moo. meh.

still toes

Anonymous said...

this little piggie went to market...

this little piggie stayed home (boring!)...

this little piggie made roast beef (why?)...

this little piggie had none...

and THIS little piggie...
This little piggie stood up and said...


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