Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm home, haveing graduated, come home and done a lot of things, the only picture I have from home right now is....
Mom and I went to this little place on southfield, and got pedicures! I picked the colors, so her's got to be this amazingly electric blue color, and mine are blue, just very-very-very-very dark blue. It's glittery like a car paint actually. It's sweet!

I've also eaten at Star of India, my first night here, because I'd been trying to get fam to go there since like, ohhh....last summer! That was cool, and very good food. Bonfires and fireworks was one day, and we bonfired last night as well. Got some cool stuff for my dorm room at the mall. Got to see one of my sisters, my first and closest, Kat. She's here for a few days, and at some point today, we are going to Alganac to swim and BBQ and firework with her and her family.

I'm done with RAP, being as I got a week off becasue of bringing Justin in, plus he and I split credit for Travis. (and I have a whole line of open leeads and called all the senoirs from Groves!)

As for the boys:

AB Patton, Justin L.: Currently at Shepperd AFB in Texas, Training to be a loader for the A-10 Warthog. Loving his job, but missing his people, he and I are still togather, and toughing this out best we can. Look to see him home maybe in aug, If he comes back on leave, if not....Look to see both of us home in FEB for CON!!!

AB Passerilli, Travis: Currently at Keesler AFB in Missouri, he is training to be a satellite wideband communications person. He has an ungodly long tech school, being as he has a second one in Gorgia somewhere, after he's done at Keesler. Don't know yet when he'll be home.

Taht's about all that's up right now, other then my kitten, is now a full sized cat...and cute and bossy as ever...I love him!

That's all for now folks,
Catch you on the flipside!

A1C Thomas, Avivah S.

Friday, June 20, 2008



this is going to be a either really long post, or if not that, or perhaps with that, a very confusing post.

Long story short, there's been a few weeks since the last time I posted. Not much has happened during that time, other then i passed my pt eval, and have been rocking out in class, climbed(drove) to the tippy top of Tranquil Peak Mt. and listened to a space launch.
Class is almost done, and we are starting to out process so that we can get outta here.

And dancing our feet a bitter drummer on our home, we are learning to march together, not apart.

but the harmony sounds awful.

and so it goes, and hopefully I'll be home next week friday, and have two weeks there before I leave for minot.

Been doing a shitton of singing to myself, although aloud, in the past few days, realizing that in the 13+ weeks I've been here, I think I'v sung maybe a total of 6 hours? if that. It's sad and depressing and the singing helps so much to keep me focused and working and sane....

I desperately need to go home and do some workings....I'm so disconnected here its not even funny.

And it's hot here, though i love it like this, not so much when you're out at site all day and there's no breeze and a crap load of biting bugs...

Many tons of thanks to those of you who dropped a note my way snailmail, email, commented here or on moms blog to wish me a happy birthday! it really made my day a hellah lot better!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I know, I haven't posted in a while...

My bad.

Did CATM on th e12 gauge shotgun.
Rocked at it.
only got three weeks left here...

Trying to get all my finances in order, so that I can find a way home and to Minot, IF/when my Rap gets approved.

other then that, just kinda chilling and hanging out and doing what little there is to do here with no car...

buzz me! i need you alls number, remember?!

and I get bored..

call me if you want, or txt, or email...or whatever....

I turn 19 next monday....and it's the first bday i'll be away form home...V_V

that's about it.

Love you all!

Friday, May 23, 2008

...blarh sleepy headedness.....

phased up today, woot.

launched a missel on the 22, way woot.

justin comes in tomorrow, more woot then the prior woot.

marta may come out in a few weeks, woot again.

got a new celly, woot.

the other one dropped into a bucket of white paint while working for habitat for after surviving the fall off the bleachers at homecoming last year, goign through the dryer more then once, multiple puddles, and a four year old and dog playing with it, it died. though the funny thing is, even messed up like that, the damn things still works! can't charge it though, else i'd have kept it.

that's bout it for now. nothing but class and jazz liek that right now.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

V's New Telly!

V has a new phone...

MoM here... just helping out today.

V will have to tell us all the story of WHY she has a new phone.

V's new phone is very cool.

V's new phone still has her old phone number.

V's new phone does not have YOUR phone number!

Please call or text V if you want her to save your phone number in her spiffy new phone.

V can't always answer her phone. Please remember that.


Monday, May 12, 2008 yeah....

I don't even know what to blog.

Too much junk has happened to really put it on here....

I'll just say this for now, Justin is coming here on memorial day weekend.

That rocks.

that's about all that really matters right now other then class is good, but nothing much new there.
Martin cracked his hip, our class of 11 got split into two shifts, so now there's only 4 plus me in this shift, and one of them is Marty, so really there's only three plus me. we start goign out to site this friday or next monday....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Still more!

and some more....

yeah, you guessed it! More!

Don't you just love the pictures?!

Yeha, there's still more....

And some more....

Yep, more!

And Yet More Pics of class!

More pics of class!

Pictures of class!

brarg have some pictures!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Again, a busy day, and more to come....

Block test today, got a 95, so woot for that.
Airman's time today, boring.
CQ briefing, Boring.

5k run in the am tomorrow, then change and go to class. Class on Friday, and a 5 hour CQ that night.

Hike and Freeclimb and Swim on Sat....

Yeah busy busy...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

After another SARC breifing, and an AM class...this is what came out of it.

A random writing, fuelled by rage, feed by fear, wishing for peace, in time of uncertainty, written in the silence between and above them all.

A cage that never weakens.
never grows smaller.
It's just the beast that grows within.
The rage you feed it.
the hate you teach it.
Bulk it up and make it pace.
Crave for pain.
Crave for hurt.
A wounded pride.
Lashing out against insanity.

Not going through this shit again.
Not working around it once more.
A path I'll never walk again,
and a body left too sore.

He's pacing in the walls you keep
throwing himself against the bars.
you locked him up to keep me safe
but now he's far stronger then before.
How long till you snap again?
she wonders in her head.
till the cage breaks and he's free again.
How long does she have?

Not going through this shit again.
Not working around it once more.
A path I'll never walk again
and a body left too sore.

And she's tearing herself apart
for you and you alone.
Caging up her impulses.
Much as you do your own.
Pushing the locks on your cage.
How long till she snaps again?
How long till she breaks?
Habits that you thought she broke.
How long till they recur?

It's not the cage that grows smaller.
Nor the bars that bend and break.
It's the fighting of the two of them.
and the Rattle that they make.
Rage so caustic
It's burning through the bars.
How long do they have you think?
How long till it breaks?
How long till they break out?
How long will it take?


So I know where I'm going after here now....

MINOT AFB, North Dakota.


Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today we finally got to hit the trainers that are at school for some hands on training.
It was cool, mostly tools and working with them and learning how to calibrate them and safty wire things and all that fun stuff.

Tomorrow we take our Block IV test in the morning, and then we are surprising our instructor, SSGT Ortiz, with a cake and "party" for his birthday. Even though it's not till monday, this is his last block with us until Block thirteen, and he won't be with us after tomorrow.

Should be fun.

Not really doing much other then that....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Trying to pick up the frequency of my blogs...keep you all updated on my whereabouts and goings on....

Today we took our Block III test, and I passed it, with flying colours. Started Block IV today, and we test on that on Friday of this week. Hopefully I'll know my PCS base by the end of the week (keep the fingers crossed on that one!!!).

Today was Airman's time, didn't really learn anything there, but that's not unusual, so meh on that. Got my CQ briefing today, as I have CQ on Sat from 0130 to 0930....whoppie....
I have a crack of dawn meeting tomorrow for a hike/free climb/swimming that I'm doing on the 3rd, 0530 ....

And then I have class till 1530, then PRT till 1700, then a meeting after PRT for the boxing thingey I am helping with this sat evening, after my horrid CQ shift.... So no sleep for me tomorrow or Sat....oh well.

Blues inspection is on Monday, along with open ranks and open wall locker inspections.

Other then that it's fairly quiet here, just normal high school life in the dorm.

Gimme a shout out or a letter or something....coolpoint me or drop me a line....please?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Not writing as much as I should be, my apologies for that.

It's been a rough water time here for me.

Class is hard, rough and enjoyable.
But Dorm life is like high school all over again.
Back stabbing, lying, rumours, hate, anger....

it's all here, just like before.

And I'm really sick of it.

And things here with not being any Pagan community here is really starting to piss me off too.


Plus there's something going on with Justin,but he won't tell me anything but ask me if mom's answered his email the hell should I know? I mean, I've asked, but no answer, and i don't really know what's up here so yeha, confusion there too.

and grrr......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


So things here are going fine, school classes are great, I'm having a blast ad doing well.

Except for there's this problem....with this guy I know...well you see his name's Justin...and he's in the AF too. And well, I really really really kinda like him, like...a lot. I'd dare to say I love him...

But see, there's a hitch...he's at Sheppard AFB... training as a Loadmaster...and I'm at Vandenburg as a 2MO32...

There's only three bases I can go to...and almost no chance of him being able to go with me.

Are we starting to get the issue here?

Even my MTLs and First Sergent has told me that chances are that he and are are royally screwed....our chances of making it are next to nil, even if I go were I want to go and end up at Minot AFB, ND.

He's scared....truly scared....

And I'm just trying to find the loophole...

Because you know...we have a secret.....

We aren't giving up.
We aren't letting each other go.
We are not going to let this break us.

So I'm calling everywhere I need to, and pulling everything I can, to try to figure this shit out and find the loop.

Because...there always is one...right?

There better be, because the other option will hurt a lot more then we can handle right now, much less then we have time to deal with while in Technical Training....

Any suggestions, comments, or lines to get help for this would be very very welcome!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So yeah, today was day one of class.

It was a lot of fun, hard and mind-wearying but very enjoyable.

Plus you know, I "coined" today, so that was sweet!

Yeah I answered a few questions right and got a 532 TRS SQ coin today, which was the shit! It's really cool to be the first Airman here int eh class to get coined, so that was cool.
On the other hand we had another SARC class today, and that really bugs me every time we have one of those the end of the day wasn't so great, but now it's all good. I'm having fun here now, and class should be a blast tomorrow.

Anywho, hit me up if you need me, I'll be back when I can!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Well well well....

Guess who's back?


Yeah, I'm back, or at least, back in terms of able to get on the computer and talk to you all people out there!

Thank you so much to all those people who wrote me while I was in BMT, you helped pull me though so much while I was there.

I'll be slowly blogging random things whenever I get the chance to, and once I pick up a laptop, the blog will come more stedily then for now. as things stand right now, I'm at the ministry center, blogging, I start class on the 11, and am having a blast here in cali.

if you need/want me, go ahead and call me or write me or text me or drop me a line here, I'll be around!

Friday, March 21, 2008


V has only a few days left of Basic Training!

This is your last chance to drop a final note of encouragement in the mail to her. Push her over the last tough days with lots of love!

As always, if you need her address just pop over to my blog (leave me a comment with your e-addy), send me an e-mail, or call my cell.

If you want to send a card/letter to her here at the house, I am happy to tote it along to TX with us on Wednesday and it will be hand-delivered to V!

C'mon guys. One more show of LUV for V!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Just wanted to remind everyone that you can find whatever updates we have about V on my (V's MoM) blog.

V has called once since the 1st traumatic call. A pic of her Training Squadron crest is there and other random stuff too.

You are welcome to comment, read often, listen to the playlist or ask questions.

I invite you to c'mon over (come to the dark side, we have cookies!)
At least visit now and then for the next few weeks... until she can once again post here herself! :)

The addy:

You will probably have to cut and paste the address because blogspot breaks the link. You're smart, just do it!

One more note: Thought it's a sad commentary, I have been cautioned not to post V's address on the web. It seems that some recruits have gotten anti-war hate mail. So, if you don't have it yet, put a request for it as a comment on my blog or e-mail me with your e-addy and I'll send it to you ASAP. She LOVES getting mail!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's Official

This is MoM, guest blogger.

Just a note to tell you that Avivah has been all sworn in and flown out.

For pictures of it all you can check out my blog:

PLEASE write her letters! She can't have care packages or anything else, but a letter or card is perfect and every encouraging word of support is helpful. If you do it on the computer, add pics she'll love it.

V will call this weekend to give us her address, then I'll post it here and on my blog too and you can MAIL AWAY!!!

Any questions can be asked here or on my blog or you can call me if you have the #.

Til this weekend.....

Monday, February 11, 2008


As I write this I think about tomorrow, where at this time, I'll have sworn into active duty, and already be at MEPS, briefing to leave for the airport.

That's kind of unnerving, to be perfectly honest.

On the other hands, my personal fears about making it through this, and my fears about my relationship, are gone.

I don't really know what happened to them, but they aren't there any more.
I KNOW I'm going to go there, rock out, make it through and come out kicking stronger then before.

And you know what? That rocks.
I may still be sad at the hotel tonight, but I'm not afraid.

I'm wrapping up my packing right now, and then I'll be heading up to the station with Justin to fill out some paperwork and go to DEP call, my last.

Henceforth, this will be MY last post until I get out of BMT.
There will be one post that my mother does for me, that should contain my address at BMT, for any of you crazies out there who want to snail mail me. Please don't feel bad if I don't answer your letters until after BMT, I understand that we have VERY little time to write home. But letters would be appreciated.

I will have my phone until mid day tomorrow, if you still need to reach me, though once I leave the house today at like, 13:30 ish today, I will not be back online at all.

So I guess this is goodbye....for now.

I love you all dearly, and I hope you continue reading when I come back!

Frm Rent, it seemed to fit:
Let's always stay friend/though we ma have our disputes/this family tree's got deep roots./Friendship is thicker then blood.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Officially, today was day two.

To top off yesterday's post, I'll let you know what I did after work.

I rode a tortoise. Yeah, that's right, a tortoise.
Named Martin.
He's sixteen years old and lives at Tropical Fish Pond. My friend Sam works there and Justin and I went to go see her for a visit before I leave. It was really cool.

Today, I woke up late, like, eleven thirty....Got dressed, and went to my Aunt Julie's. Got to see the fam, plus some fam I hadn't seen in a while. Talked alot, played with the little ones, stuck lots of 'hair pretties' in Justin's hair...had fun.

Now I'm Packing, and filling a box to go to tech with me.
My brother is sleeping on my floor.
My cat is sleeping in front of the vent, blocking the heat.

Very quiet right now.
Off to bed soon, as I'm fighting getting sick.

You have until Tuesday midday roughly to get a hold of me I guess....then you'll just have to wait....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yeah, that's right!

It is indeed 0600 on day three! And I've been up for roughly an hour already.

Don't ask me why....I'm just getting ready....

To go to school that is!

Yeah, I'm helping out with the Middle School MSVMA Solo Ensemble Festival today. It's being help d up at Groves, and the choir at the school asked if I would help out. Apparently they don't have enough people or something like that. Anywho, it means that I'm up, rocking and doign stuff, WAAAAYYYY earlier then I'd normally be, but hey, gotta get used to it one way or another, right?

Again, other then that I'm cleaning and packing.
Oh, and getting to see my cousin Hunter! He's in the CAP (Civil Air Patrol), which I think is really really cool. He recently moved outta state, so I thought that the last time I'd get to see him was when he came in a little bit ago. But nope! He and his mom Karen are here until sunday!


So I get to see them, clean and pack....and work....

It's like a time warp, prep-ing for time-to-come, yet working in the time-past....
Kinda strange, no?

Hopefully I'll have time later to post again, get some more pictures up for your viewing pleasure.

Catch you on the flipside.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Wow, lookie what we all found!

We found FLOOR!

Not all of it, not yet at least, but some!


Almost as shocking as the fact that I've now remembered to blog every day for three days in a row! *happy dances* I'm surprised really....

Still cleaning, still packing, still gym(ing?).
Today my aunt Karen and Cousin Hunter come in to town, which so totally freaking rocks!
So I'll be working this morning, hitting the gym, then going down to see them and the rest of the fam.

Other then playing with my "dog" Mooch, and getting him REALLY REALLY stoned on catnip, that's about all I'm doing.

Not much to say else. Other then that you should check this out if you EVER need a laugh....
It's a bunch of crazy pictures and captions. it's strange, but amusing as all get out.

That all for now I think.

See you on the flipside.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Day five dawns at around 9:55 am for me.
It's going to be a rough day, as I'm fighting feeling crappy emotionally.
This particular post is feeling kinda attacking to me, but that's just what it is I guess.

Last night was a blast though, a close group of Justin and I's friends and my family and Justin's mom all went to this really awesome microbrewery, Dragonmead.We must have been there something like three hours.

The weather is crappy here, a snow/sleet/ice/freezing rain storm hit us starting early yesterday morning and lasting all day into the night...dumped several inches worth of snow and ice on us. As my mom said, if there was ever weather making a good reason to leave Michigan, this is it! It's supposed to stay icy and cold right up until I leave.

I'm still cleaning and packing, although I don't have a lot of time, I was really enjoying the time to myself, or time with bear to actually be getting something done, without anyone else. I mean, there's the gym, and that's great and all, but it's not time where i feel like I'm getting anything done. Even if mom can't see it, we've gotten a lot of stuff done in here, and yet, again, all I hear from around the circle is, "it's not enough, it's not done, it's not good enough." *shrug* You'd think I was used to it by now, but no. It still bothers me, It still ticks me off, It still aggravates the living daylights outta me when I get helped without asking. I mean, I know that she's just trying to help, and trying to spend time with me. But honestly, I don't want the help in my room. I would love it if the laundry got transfered on it's own, it'd save me time. But it doesn't, and I don't expect it to. I'd love to wave a wand and 'make it so' but I can't. But I'm working on it, and doing it with Justin, or on my own, and IT'S BEEN WORKING. Not as fast as you want it to, but it's going. I'm not complaining about it as much, and it's still getting done.

Even though you just want to help, just don't, ok? In the long run it hinders me more, because it irritates me and although it can have it's fun times, more often cleaning with mom drives me up a way, makes me feel invaded and attacked, and leaves one or the other or both of us in a pissy black mood. Let me just work it out on my own, find a different way to spend time with me...please.

Other hen that, that's all I'm doing, cleaning, packing, and the gym. I guess you'll catch me if you need me...

See you on the flipside.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008



Is day.


That shouldn't wig me much, right?
Dead wrong.

Because, see, 6 means that I can't say I have a week left.
And that's a little nerve-wracking.

But time clicks on, and things go as they should.

I'm working on not getting involved in things around here, because I won't be here to deal with hem in 6 days. It's hard and it hurts, but that's what I need to do

I've been spending as much time as I can with Justin, which means that I've become a lot closer to another friend, Chris. That's been really cool. And I've gotten to see Travis more, which is cool, because he's the third member of the AF fam from here. He leaves in march.

Anywho, all I've been doing other then that and the gym is cleaning and packing, packing and cleaning. Kinda boring, but it needs to be done.

That's all for this post I think.

Catch me if you need me!

Friday, February 1, 2008

So I thought I'd throw some more pics up....

Jayden, the little boy I've been working with. Got a lot of pics of him, he's photogenic.

Jayden and me, on the couch.

Jayden and Mr. Tree.

Jayden, with a basket on his head.

This one takes some explaining. This is Jayden, in the background, and Azera. A little while ago, Jayden, Lisa and I took a field trip to the Build-A-Bear factory at the mall. There, Jayden picked out an animal, a husky/wolf in this case, and proceeded to stuff it, give it a heart, "wash" it, clothe it, name it and get a puppy to match it. As you can see, the Wolf is in Dress blues, and the ranking markings on it's sleeve make it something like, chief master Sargent of the USAF....or something like that. Way up there on the scale. The Puppy, lil' Zee, as Jayden calls her, is like a smaller version of Azera, sans the clothes. Though you can't see them in the photo, Azera has black shoe/boots, and a hat as well. She has now become his constant companion, sharing naptime, playing Cash Cab, and letting Jaydne fly Zee around in a toy plane that he has. I hope that she and Zee continue to help Jayden, when ever he's missing me or sad.

Here is little Zee, Azera's puppy.

This is again, Jayden, in the dark at the doctor's office. He was the best behaved that day....We had a lot of fun playing in the waiting room, and still keeping quiet.

That's all the pics for now, next pic blog will prolly be Mooch again, and random things....but there you have it, Jayden, who is NOT a Jewish chicken, the little boy I've been spending my time with working.